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We create your digital marketing id, increase website traffic, and manage everything from a single panel that is accessible from anywhere. Field sales and marketing are our areas of expertise. By converting actual field circumstances into an algorithm that search engines can understand, we produce content. Along with traffic and data, we also send consumers who make purchases.

Instead of Reports, We Send Clients.

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Our Business

Clear Digital Marketing Strategy


Our Mission

To develop a digital marketing ecosystem that is grounded in the reality of the field.

Our Core Values

When a need is satisfied, its purpose is lost. Our foundation is built on our values.

  • Integrity
  • Freedom
  • Consumer focus
  • Accountability
  • Inclusiveness

Our Vision

Giving businesses a strong digital marketing presence to compete with the big players

Evaluation of

Our Company & Partners

Company Started

We saw the difficulties that companies have throughout the digital transformation process as a result of a lack of digital leadership, strategy, and plan. In order to address these issues, we quit our corporate jobs and launched a training and consulting firm.


tohum's Power Agency

In order to integrate our field sales and marketing expertise with digital marketing, we established tohum's Power Agency by upgrading our technological infrastructure.


Kaymen Design

To expand and advance our social media management and digital design divisions, we began a solution relationship with Kaymen Design.


20+ Happy Customers

In a short period of time, we served more than 20 clients with complete digital marketing services.

2022 July

Wingaze Win Game

Created the wingaze digital marketing identity platform to improve the level of service we offer to our clients both domestically and internationally.

Why Wingaze

Affordable & Effective

We are more efficient and effective since we can control all aspects of digital marketing from a single dashboard using a integreted communication method.

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Why Wingaze

Field & Digital Knowledge

While attending to client demands, we transform sales and marketing data from the field into a language that search engines can comprehend. We combine our expertise in digital marketing with our many years of field sales and marketing experience to achieve this.

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Why Wingaze

Fast & Reliable

You do not need to explain your issues to various businesses while engaging in digital marketing. From a single location, you can handle software, design, google ads, SEO, social media, and e-commerce. with an integrated communication language that is universal. You receive quicker and more trustworthy outcomes.

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Why Wingaze

Measurable & Visible

We also send new customers who have made a purchase, in addition to the reports.

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Why Wingaze

Impossible takes a little time

We will discover a method for you to compete with the finest if you are sure of your goods or services, at the top of your game, and determined.

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Wingaze Team

Combining Expertise with Novice Enthusiasm

Our greatest asset is how well we understand the differences between generations. We have experienced the new as well as the conventional, and we can already envision the future.

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Marketıng Communıcatıons
Borkan Sever
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Web Developer
Kadir Yilmaz
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Finance Manager
Alper Gür
team image
Graphic Designer
Bengü Duman
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Customers Experience


Nait Yıldız - Co Founder

Saf Dry Organıc Dry Celan
We made a significant contribution to the turnover shortly after we began working with wingaze by digitally positioning all branches with a common strategy and identity, as well as new customer acquisition, including the pandemic process.

Çağla Demirer Gür

Ilıskı Perısı - Relatıonshıp Coachıng
I converted my company to e-commerce in one day with wingaze. I can provide my products and services to new customers more quickly. They took over my social media posting and graphic design chores while I concentrated on my business.

Antonius Tamşan - Founder

Antonius Jewelery
We quickly created an e-commerce system with wingaze from Turkey to America. We made retail sales in America without building a warehouse or shop. We triumphed by investing in our own brand.