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Web Design & Digital Marketing ID

K&M is considered to be among the best hair salons in the Ashburn, Virginia area. It has a staff of hair color professionals that are highly trained, knowledgeable, and experienced, and they are committed to offering the greatest quality of service possible to its customers.

At Wingaze Power, we've started providing services from beginning to end.
We get get to work laying the basis by developing a high-quality WordPress-based website. We were able to launch the website with its associated digital marketing identity integrated in record time.

We have planned the SEO strategy for the campaign according to the subjects we will be focusing on. We have simultaneously enabled google advertising search advertisements.

We made sure that all of the social media profiles and the website were optimised for Digital Marketing. K&M may now communicate digitally on any platform using a recognized language.


Challenge & Solution

Standing out from the crowd of businesses sharing the Gramercy Park Dr Building and securing first client appointments was the hardest obstacle.

Our primary goal was to provide the same great hair treatment services that K&M's existing customers enjoy to others who discovered the site through paid search results on Google. When we loaded up the website and social media at the same time with substantive information, our work was simplified.

With a low payment per click (ppc) of less than $1 and a conversion rate (ctr) of over 9.50%, we were able to successfully convert leads into scheduled appointments.

Project Information


K&M Hair Lounge


Ashburn VA, United States


January 5, 2023