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Tamsan Gold was established in 1984. It became a worldwide manufacturing brand in 2006.
Tamsan Gold employs roughly 50 people and operates a 600-square-meter facility in Istanbul. They sell gold jewelry in a variety of nations throughout the world.

When we initially encountered antonius, they didn't believe they could sell individual necklaces, bracelets, and rings from Turkey to America through their website. That's why they first planned to launch an Amazon store. However, we have shown that a well-established firm that has been exporting gold wholesale items all over the world since 1984 can sell through its own website.

First, we created a woocommerce store with a basic and quick setting. The crucial element here, though, was the proper placement of the digital marketing identity. We launched the online store after developing the digital marketing plan.


Challenge & Solution

The most difficult aspect of this project for us was that, despite the company's long history, it had never had a website indexed by Google in the United States. We would create a completely new platform and compete with the titans. While all of our rivals had physical storefronts and warehouses in the United States, we planned to ship items from Turkey one at a time. Furthermore, with free return terms.

In addition to all of these natural obstacles, we faced a particularly special one. Tamşan Gold was already selling at wholesale prices to a number of American jewelers. As a result, it was unable to develop a price-driven sales strategy for the Antonius Jewelry brand. It had to strike a balance between the end user and the wholesalers. But this is what we stated on the first day. With the correct plan, you will reach out to new wholesale clients rather than retail sales.

We offered Antonius with strategic advice in addition to software and digital marketing in this project. We started selling quickly using Google shopping and search marketing. For the transportation of the merchandise, we negotiated a special arrangement with UPS. We were able to ship the jewelry from Istanbul to every region of America in no more than 5 days.

In just three months, we increased retail sales by using Google Ads, SEO, and social media shares. However, the major sales occurred in the fifth month, when market jewelers found Antonius Jewelery and placed bulk orders. Following the orders, the manufacturing line was totally full in 2021, and the facility was enlarged.

Project Information


Antonius Jewelry


Turkey to United States


May 30, 2021