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Birfincan began operations in the food and beverage industry in 2009. It began with artisan teas and progressed to hot chocolate, chai tea, salep, and 3rd generation coffee. It introduced foreign trend flavors to beverage enthusiasts with its skilled personnel and seasoned team. It increased its product offering in 2015. Birfincan, which sells retail and wholesale products through its website, has allowed several names to join the Turkish market.

We began offering end-to-end services at Wingaze Power.
We promptly and firmly lay the groundwork by creating a top-notch WordPress-based website. Wingaze Hub system then This has made it possible for us to readily monitor all order processes, including stock tracking analysis, financial management of retail and wholesale orders, and other order procedures. As a result, business partners began to rapidly control the whole process from their mobile devices, from anywhere and at any time.


Challenge & Solution

The most difficult aspect of this project is integrating the many systems involved without interfering with the work that is already in progress.

We have begun making moves toward establishing a process management by consolidating the many systems under one roof.

We have performed extensive search engine optimization in order to get a high page rank. This allowed us to boost recognition of company and drive more purchases from unpaid sources.

We integrated our expertise in Field Marketing with the latest in digital marketing. Prior to expanding into grocery stores, Birfincan solely offered retail sales through marketplaces. It has already begun to actively acquire new clients through its own e-commerce platform, all owing to the digital marketing brand and flexible software we developed. Afterwards, other means of promotion allowed it to reach a larger audience.

Furthermore, we used the best sales approach supported by quantifiable data throughout the whole advertising process and meticulously tracked the buying habits of our intended demographic. With all the work done on Google ads and social media management, website traffic and conversion rates soared. Moreover, we were able to do all of this while significantly cutting costs and increasing profits.

Project Information


Vender Cafe


İstanbul, Turkey


September 05, 2022