Digital Leadership

Web Design & Digital Marketing ID

Sova retail is a firm with years of expertise in the sectors of market equipment and store equipment that builds ``unique`` stores and items that are best fit for the brand and idea. We oversee the whole company's digital procedures from start to finish.

In this project, we first redesigned the website, then installed and organized it in accordance with the new digital marketing identity. We developed a domestic digital marketing strategy after creating a solid basis.

As a result, we completed SEO, Google Ads, and Social Media Management tasks concurrently and with an uniform communication language.


Challenge & Solution

The firm authorities' top goals were the website's design and content language. Of course, they wanted to reach new consumers and markets through digital marketing, but they were also keen to express their business brand as it is on digital media. However, this was a very challenging situation in terms of SEO optimization and therefore Google Ads campaign quality scores.

In the end, we combined Sova Retail Solutions' corporate and digital identities. We were able to fully digitize the requests from Sova in all stages thanks to the Wingaze Power panel. Wingaze Power has built a digital and conventional communication link between us and Sova. Because, even though we use artificial intelligence to respond to customer needs as quickly as possible, we always prioritize warm human communication. We began digital marketing efforts by completing by merging our marketing communication capability with digital. Every month, digital marketing initiatives bring in over ten new prospective clients. And on a shoestring budget. We can help you with budgeting and possible consumer targeting.

Project Information


Sova Retail Solutions


Tivet, Montenegro


November 21, 2021